Home of the authentic Fatty. Chris Creations Philippines.

Chris Creations

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Chris Creations
Home of the Authentic Fatty.

The advanced concept of a rebuildable atomizer can trace back to an idea by Chris Sawyer, who in 2011 patented a device which was described as innovative, by replacing the concept of a disposable atomizer, as well as burning tobacco and paper with rebuildable atomizer via heated, moist, flavored air. This device heats the nicotine/non-nicotine solution and produces steam. In 2010, Chris was approached by several vape enthusiasts interested in reselling it, but was not yet commercialized until early 2011.

By Late 2011, Chris Creations’ Fatty built a huge demand from the ‘Vapers’ or vaping community, which extended further internationally.

Currently, numerous resellers located in Malls, Commercial Areas as well as online sellers have been distributing Chris Creations’ product line. Design and functionality ranges from basic starter kit to high-end custom (high-grade materials) made rebuildable atomizers.

New designs are being developed to cater to the vaping community’s growing demands.

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